ENM's 60th
birthday event

Branding - 2019

In 2019, the national school of magistrates named " École Nationale de la Magistrature (ENM) " celebrated its sixtieth anniversary. For the event, the ENM calls on the ECV School in Bordeaux, and organizes a competition for students in the third year, in order to communicate the event. The constraints are to rejuvenate the image of the school and that the logo can coexist with the one of the ENM.

The concept

For the logo conception, the idea is to make an architectural tribute since the site has a characteristic organization that is dear to students. Following observations, there are many geometric shapes and patterns that can participate in the development of contemporary graphics. The diversity of these forms can be used to evoke the various training courses and recruitments which do not only concern students but also people who have already had a professional activity before.

Graphic identity

To design my logo, I mixed and superimposed flat areas with geometric patterns in different colors, to give a contemporary and festive aspect, but taking into account the fact that the ENM logo can live with. For the variations on the print supports, I thought about keeping the upward dynamic in my logo, which would be placed at the bottom of the poster. We also reuse certain elements of the logo which can be dissociated into several modular forms.

 Architecture de l'ENM  Architecture de l'ENM

© Pictures' crédits : Rodolphe Cellier.

Logo soixantenaire de l'ENM
 affiche evenement de l'ENM

Poster proposal. The graphism is added on an existing picture.

 mug de l'enm  papeterie de l'enm  papeterie
 tote bag de l'enm  badge en interne de l'enm

Goodies and print communication.