piece & love

Global campaign - 2019

_ " Jury award - Global Campaign " 2019

Multiple owners : Clémentine Combret, Jérémy Lacour,
Noémie Bobot, Laurène Lacaze, Marie Antoniol, Juliette Taillefer©

The organization Un rien c'est tout called on the ECV School to design an unprecedented anniversary event aimed at raising awareness of the association and raising funds. Students, in teams of five, have one week to design and develop the identity of their proposal.

Our concept ?

Create a contemporary art exhibition setting up four collective works that solicit public participation in four different places. For this, the association would call on artists like George Rousse, JR, 9th concept and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. All the works would be present in Bordeaux, France to recall the birthplace of the association.

The artists would work in four areas according to the four main themes advocated by the association, the right to dignity, health, the environment and children and education.

© Un rien c'est tout's organization logo.

Moodboard and inspirations

zoom sur le logo de la campagne

Graphic identity

To make our graphic sign, we have used the circular shape that can recall both tokens and coins.

The circles are four in number, one for each theme of the association, and each have their own colorimetric universe which will be reproduced on the graphic elements of the places where the gatherings will be organized.

déclinaisons du logo, couleurs et typographie
 le logo de la campagne accompagné du logo de l'association

The name of the event : Pièce & Love

To name our event, we have chosen to use a known expression in the collective culture in order to make it popular and accessible to all. Since this gathering is a place of sharing and love and that it is an act of solidarity, it seemed important to us to insist on these notions.

Also, the association wanted a large-scale event, bringing together thousands of people. The use of French and English in our logo allows us both to make our word play powerful, but also to add a large-scale reach to our project, English being the universal language.

How ?

At the entrance of each museum, people could exchange their unused coins, of any value, for colored tokens , all of the same size in order to complete the work imagined by the artist. The collected pieces would go directly to the association as a classic donation and the collaborative works would be sold at auction during a special event reserved for VIPs. To close this artistic week, a concert would bring together four committed musical artists such as Manu Chao, Guts, Odezenne and Roméo Elvis and at the end of it would take place the sale.

affiche de l'évènement pour oeuvre George Rousse
affiche de l'évènement pour oeuvre 9e concept

Example of posters for the event: on the left (or above), example of a teaser on a poster presenting the artist's existing work; right (or bottom), poster specific to the event.

 Pictogrammes de la signalétique de l'évènement

Signs created for the event.

Digital communication

The event would obviously also be present on the web, especially since it is the medium through which the association collects the most donations by associating with e-commerce sites. The website of the event would allow to follow the live evolution of collective works and make online donations, but also to find all the information relating to the different sites where the works would take place. It would also sell tickets for the closing concert.

site web de l'évènement
Gobelet de l'évènement
T-shirt de l'évènement

Goodies of the event.